Meccanica dei materiali


Executive Committee


Past Members of the Executive Committee

Pasquale Vena, Roberta Massabò, Luca Deseri, Alberto Corigliano, Gianpietro Del Piero


Goal of the group

The goal of the group is to provide a forum for researchers working in the field of materials. The group organizes and encourages initiatives to favour exchange of experiences, discussion, and collaboration of researchers working in different cultural areas.  The group annual meetings, GMA conferences, are organized in order to favour participation and discussion.



  • GMA 2019 - within AIMETA 2019, Sapienza University of Rome - September 2019


Events, conference proceedings, and slides

  • GMA 2018 - within GIMC-GMA 2018, University of Ferrara - September 2018
  • GMA 2017 - within AIMETA 2017, University of Salerno - September 2017
  • GMA 2016 - within GIMC-GMA 2016, IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca - June 2016 - Special issue of MECCANICA on "Recent Advances on the Mechanics of Materials"
  • GMA 2015 - within AIMETA 2015, University of Genova - September 2015
  • GMA 2014 - within GIMC-GMA 2014, University of Cassino - June 2014
  • GMA 2013 - within AIMETA 2013, Politecnico di Torino - September 2013
  • GMA 2012 - Fondazione Campus di Lucca - April 2012         
  • GMA 2011 - University of Udine - February 2011
  • GMA 2010 - University of Palermo - February 2010    
  • GMA 09     - Politecnico di Milano - January 2009
  • GMA 08     - University of Genova -  February 2008
  • GMA 07     - University of Trento - February 2007



GMA Award for the best PhD Thesis

2018 Modeling and Simulation of a Class of Nonlinear Coupled Reaction-Diffusion Problems for Green Applications Pietro Lenarda


In-situ Mechanical Characterization of Deformable Metal/Polymer Electrical Interconnects

Emanuele Cattarinuzzi






Mechanics of Biotissues: nanoindentation of cortical bone, experiments and FEMMechanics of Biomembranes: coexistence of ordered and disordered phasesMechanics of Advanced Composites: crack bridging by titanium z-pins in carbon-epoxy laminate



Members and Participants in GMA Conferences
(To join please contact one of the coordinators)


Adessi Daniela
Ambrosi Davide
Ambrosio Luigi
Angelillo Maurizio
Ardito Raffaele
Ascione Luigi
Auricchio Ferdinando
Bardella Lorenzo
Barone Alberto
Barpi Fabrizio
Bennati Stefano
Benvenuti Elena
Bigoni Davide
Biscari Paolo
Bisegna Paolo
Bocciarelli Massimiliano
Bolzon Gabriella
Borino Guido
Briccoli Bati Silvia
Brocato Maurizio
Brun Michele
Cannillo Valeria
Carpinteri Alberto
Carvelli Valter
Cavicchi Andrea
Cinquini Carlo
Cocchetti Giuseppe
Colombo Chiara
Comi Claudia
Contro Roberto
Corigliano Alberto
Corradi Leone
Cuomo Mario
Davì Fabrizio
De Simone Antonio
Del Piero Gianpietro
Deseri Luca
Di Paola Mario
DiCarlo Antonio
Favata Antonino
Fedele roberto
Fraldi Massimiliano
Frassine Roberto
Fraternali Fernando
Freddi Francesco
Galuppi Laura
Gambarotta Luigi
Gei Massimiliano
Giambanco Giuseppe
Giampieri Andrea
Greco Fabrizio
La Ragione Luigi
Lenci Stefano
Lucchesi Massimiliano
Luciano Raimondo
Maier Giulio
Manfredi Gaetano
Marfia Sonia
Mariani Stefano
Massabò Roberta
Minutolo Vincenzo
Mollica Francesco
Monetto Ilaria
Morandotti Marco
Morro Angelo
Novati Giorgio
Padovani Cristina
Pandolfi Anna
Papa Enrico
Perego Umberto
Piccolroaz Andrea
Radi Enrico
Reali Alessandro
Rizzoni Raffaella
Royer Gianni
Sacchi Giannantonio
Sacco Elio
Salvadori Alberto
Sannino Alessandro
Sburlati Roberta
Taliercio Alberto
Tralli Antonio
Valvo Paolo
Vena Pasquale
Venini Paolo
Zingales Massimiliano